Urwerk UR-110 ZrN Torpedo Watch

Urwerk UR 110 ZrN Torpedo 468x383 Urwerk UR 110 ZrN Torpedo Watch

The Urwerk Champagne Supernova is a limited edition twist on Urwerk’s UR-110 Torpedo watch launched early this year.

The radiant and very nice looking color comes from a coating of Zirconium Nitride on the bezel, which provides the distinctive pale gold hue that gives rise to the “Champagne Supernova” nickname.

Zirconium Nitride is a high-performance ceramic coating that provides superb scratch, wear and corrosion resistance.

Like MB&F’s Horological Machines, Urwerk’s ultra-limited, super-pricey timepieces are of their own world and tend to foster love or hate by those who view them.

The watch will be limited to 12 examples and will be available at Chronopassion in Paris, Westime in LA, Marcus in London, and The Hour Glass in Singapore.

Source: Perpetuelle

Urwerk UR 110 Champagne Supernova 468x371 Urwerk UR 110 ZrN Torpedo Watch